How Important Are Positive & Negative Reviews?

How Important Are Positive & Negative Reviews?

When it comes to your online reputation, just how important are the positive and negative reviews on your business listing? Let's dive in with some statistics from

First, know that 63% of individuals have written a positive review for a business, so if they like your product or service there’s a high likelihood they'd leave your business a 5-star review as well. Positive reviews have a significant impact, they positively affect 94% of consumers. Note, women are in control of roughly 80% of consumer spending, so something to think about is using great advertising keywords that cater to or trigger womens purchasing patterns. One way of finding out what these keywords are is by using a reputation management software, like Ireview,  which scans the entire internet for all reviews and blog posts written about your business. From the scan, a number of the top 5 positive and negative keywords or phrases will be generated. Focus on the good words.

Fortunately, just 32% of individuals surveyed by Status Labs have written a negative review in their lives. This implies, even if someone doesn’t appreciate your product or service, most likely they won’t verbalize their frustrations online with a threatening 1 or 2-star review.

Now imagine if your business was constantly accumulating a plethora of 5-star reviews. Such a process would minimize the existence of any low star ratings into meaninglessness. Again, a reputation management platform, like Ireview, streamlines the process of making it easy for your customers to leave a 5-star review. How? Ireview offers subscribers a physical QR code scanner fob to be placed around their shop and a printed code on the customer receipt. This QR code can be easily scanned by customers which prompts them to leave a review. If a customer purchases your product or service, either online or from the register, most likely they’ll leave a 5-star review while waiting for their coffee.

With 92% of potential consumers less likely to shop at your business after reading just 1 negative review, it’s important to begin accruing 5-star reviews. Not only will it minimize the damage of low-star reviews, but it will also improve the Google page rank of your listing. Start using a reputation management system today!

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